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Guaranteed Marketing Results

The marketing industry’s on guaranteed results and performance-based fees.

The ONLY Marketing Results Guarantee In The Industry

The only guarantee you’ll get from most marketing firms is that their invoices will arrive on time. Even satisfaction guarantees are fleeting – you might be satisfied when your assets are launched but are you still happy after six months of results?

How the guarantee works

The guarantee for Guaranteed Marketing Results services is simple; We will meet the goals you define by the date you set, or work will continue at no additional charge until the goal is met.

Why the Guarantee?

The Marketing Industry’s Dirty Little Secret

Marketing services are not just overpriced; they’re oversold and fail almost all the time. Over three thousand marketers said their results were not very successful 87% of the time when surveyed.

The issue is due to a conflict of interest between marketers and their customers. Marketers have to sell the services they provide or go out of business. Businesses have to promote their products and services or go out of business. Until you look at what each considers success, businesses and marketers should be a match made in heaven.

The reality is a marketer considers deliverables like a launched campaign a success, and their client might agree initially. However, the client is hoping the campaign will produce a noticeable improvement in their bottom line.

Labor and expenses determine a marketer’s fees, not their client’s KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

Web180’s Results-based Marketing solves this conundrum. Your KPIs are our only focus, and we base our fees on improving them.

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Marketing Project Success Rate