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Fully customized marketing services with performance-based fees & guaranteed results.

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Guaranteed Marketing Results

Learn how transformative Guaranteed Marketing Results can be for your business.

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All Marketing Services

Pick and choose from all marketing services, guided and provided by experts.

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The ONLY Marketing Results Guarantee In The Industry

Stop buying ad-hoc advertising and over-hyped marketing tactics – buy specific, measurable, guaranteed results. Completely customized for your business, everything needed to achieve your results is included. Fees are based on results, not time, materials, or covering our overhead.

Guaranteed Marketing Results. Exclusively from web180

How It Works

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Defining Results

Set the loftiest of goals and we will get started understanding what it takes to achieve them. From how achieving the results will impact your business to how we can transparently measure where you are now and our progress, it’s an enlightening process.

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Designing the Plan

Inbound, Outbound, Digital, Traditional – everything is on the table, including innovating approaches that don’t yet exist. The focus is on achieving your results in the most efficient manner. Fees are based on performance – not time & materials, overhead, or services.

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Working the Plan

Working with your teams or bringing on the pros that can get the job done, an experienced web180 marketing exec will waste no time getting started. Overseeing and directing every aspect of the project, we’ll ensure budgets, milestones, and deadlines are properly managed.


You can aim for any result, the possibilities are endless. Below are the most popular results companies request.

Improve the Bottom Line

No matter why a company says they need marketing services, the bottom line is the bottom line. Whether they seek marketing help for any of the reasons or services listed, the expectation is that they will realize a noticeable improvement in business. Learn More
build audiences to advertise to

Build and Grow Audiences

We've been helping companies build audiences for decades. Not just numbers of people, we'll build throngs of advocates who will be instantly accessible through channels like email and social media. Learn More

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Generate More Leads

If you're looking for more leads, you've hit the jackpot. Since 2002 we've helped all kinds of businesses increase leads and conversions using our exclusive processes, tools, and experience. Learn More

Improve Social Media Presence

It's where everyone is, so you need to be there, but cutting through, getting noticed, and purposely driving engagement and sales is not a result the average social media specialist can achieve. If this is what you're after, you've found your solution. Learn More

Improve Search Engine Rankings

Top rankings in search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing is one of the most sought-after results in all of marketing. We craft systems where you'll not just outrank competitors, but the people that find you will convert more frequently.  Learn More

Julia Rutledge - UW Madison

Julia Rutledge
Learning Analytics Master's Program Director
University of Wisconsin

"Cale Guin is a proven industry expert and is constantly sharing new and innovative best practices with his clients and students. He is a stellar teacher, utilizing current examples and making the transient, intimidating world of Digital Marketing understandable and approachable. He has been terrific to work with – flexible, adaptable, and always enthusiastic. We were lucky to have him on our team!"

A Few Clients From the Last 2 Decades

Since 2002 we have planned, created, and promoted, marketing systems and components for hundreds of clients from the smallest companies to some of the most recognizable brands.

Digital marketing consultation and client website development
Web development consultation
Web development consultation
Web development consultation
Microsite and email marketing
Micro website for AT&T - The Blue Room
Micro website for AT&T - The Blue Room
Website related technologies project
Website for online contest
Microsite and email marketing
Web based service device training application - Flash
Website for online contest
Website for online contest
Microsite and email marketing
Microsite and email marketing
Streaming meetings for stockholders
Streaming meetings for stockholders
Streaming meetings for stockholders
Streaming meetings for stockholders
Website for online contest

How to Increase Revenue Without Spending a Dime

In most organizations, marketing and sales teams work separately. It’s an epic failure. Marketing is not just ads, social media, and flyers, it’s a deep understanding of a marketplace and the company-wide strategy that brings your products and services to life for prospects and customers.

When sales and marketing work together a synergy exists that creates a unified message and presentation no matter how prospects and customers engage. Your message is not just unified, it’s reinforced with every phone call, meeting, and conversation. The collective power and frequency have an undeniable impact.

If you're interested in learning more about getting your teams in sync, let us know.

How can we help?

Totally Hyped - The small business marketing podcast for small businesses

THE Small Business Marketing Podcast

For today’s small business leaders

Don’t be fooled by today’s marketing hype. Get real marketing advice from the founder of web180, Cale Guin. The podcast takes aim at marketing myths and provides helpful how-tos, in a casual, easy-to-understand manner.

Totally Hyped is available on your favorite podcasting platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does web180 guarantee marketing results and why don't other companies?

To guarantee marketing results, we focus on how you want to improve your business. Then we get a thorough understanding of what it will take to improve your business in that way. We work with you to identify transparent measurements and document current benchmarks. We also agree on improvements to those indicators. Aside from setup fees, all other fees are based on performance. We work at no additional charge until we hit the milestones on which we have agreed.

Why are other marketing companies not guaranteeing results? You’d have to ask them.

What's the difference between Guaranteed Marketing Results services and all of your other marketing services?

Guaranteed Marketing Results are customized marketing strategies that start with your organizational KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Then we craft, execute, and manage a plan to use marketing platforms and tactics to improve them. Except for initial setup fees, our primary fees are based on whether we meet your objectives.

If you choose specific services, we can guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our work. For example, you could have us build you a new website, and we would build you a website that exceeds all of your expectations. However, unless we are deeply involved, we would have no way of knowing whether a new website will have an impact on your bottom line or not.

On the other hand, if you came to us looking to improve your bottom line, a website might be included in that Guaranteed Marketing Results plan.

How are web180 marketing services different from other marketing firms or providers?

At this writing, web180 offers the only Marketing Results Guarantee in the U.S. Go ahead and search. You’ll find companies with “guarantee” in the headline, but when you click, they’ll tell you why marketing results cannot be guaranteed. We don’t agree. Our guarantee means that you define the measurable result you want, let’s say a 10% increase in sales. We guarantee our strategies will reach that result.

Another significant difference is we offer consultation-only, strategy-only, training, and project-management-only services – many of which can be guaranteed. We also love working with your existing teams, whether your in-house team or your long-time marketing provider.

We are different from marketing agencies for two reasons. First, our fees are based on performance. If we don’t hit your results, we work for no additional charge until we do. Secondly, because our fees are based on performance, we’re motivated to be efficient and get results, not by how many services you buy.

While we offer individual marketing services, the main difference between web180 and marketing specialists is that specialists, like social media, digital, SEO, or radio, for example, can only offer those specific services and expert advice in those specific areas. Web180 can offer expert advice and strategies for all marketing services.

Do you still build websites and web applications?

You bet! We got our start in 2002 by building websites and web applications to improve marketing efforts for businesses.

We build websites and web applications (mobile applications as well) as individual services and if they are needed to guarantee results.

Are your marketing services outsourced?

All marketing projects are managed in-house. We also perform as many services in-house as possible, but we have a wide network of experts ready to help as needed.